General Information

Target Audience 

This course is dedicated to healthcare professionals in the Bariatriac industry

Pre-requisite for attendees

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At the end of each course, a certifcate will be delivered to all the attendees. 

The course is currently under evaluation for accreditation

Session Criterias for Bariatric Surgery


  • English Language Proficent (speaking and understanding)
  • Consultant level
  • Potential to perform ≥ 20  procedures per annum
  • Committed to attend full pathway
  • Committed to provide metrics through follow-up (6 months)
  • Ability to schedule ≥2 Lap-Band cases within 30 days of completing educational pathway
  • Laparoscopic experience desireable


  • Bariatric/Metabolic service on site
  • Support of MIS bariatric approach from Chief
  • Allows 2 delegates to simultanously attend entire educational pathway
  • Allows proctor attendance in OR
  • Allows collection of follow-up adoption data
  • MIS equipment available
  • Faculty toolkit or equivalent available to delegate


  • Scrub nurse attendance recommended
  • Support of MIS Bariatric approach from anesthetist and key surgical team members highly recommended